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Courses That Fulfill English Major Requirements

As course topics change, so do the requirements they fulfill. Therefore, this list is only applicable for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Course Title Pre-1800 Pre-1900 Race, Ethnicity,
Gender and Sexuality
214 Process, Prose, Pedagogy  
215 Pre-Modern Drama before 1800
217 Literary Theory and Interpretation
218 Literature, Gender, and Sexuality: Gay Male Narratives in America
222/223 Founding of English Literature
225 American Literature Origins to 1865
228 African American Literature
229 Asian American Literature
230 Latina and Latino Literature in the U.S
235 Old English
236 Beowulf
237 Chaucer
238 Middle English Literature
240 Shakespeare
241 Shakespeare
242 Shakespeare
246 Sense and Sensibility
248 The Age of Romanticism
253 Topics in American Literature
260 Modern British Literature 1901-1945
265 Select Author:  Virginia Woolf
302 Adaptations
315 Studies in Performance:  Writing for Performance
326 Racial Melodrama
330 American Modernism
340 Studies in Medieval Literature
341 Studies in Renaissance
345 Milton
350 Studies/18th Century British Literature
353 Romantic Poets: Rebels with a Cause
355 Modern Poets
356 Contemporary Poets: Contemporary Native American Poets  
357 Studies/20th Century Literature

365 Selected Author:  JD Salinger and the Craft of Writing

380 Poetry and the Aesthetic of Touch  
380 Finnegan’s Wake  
380 Black Literacy Urbanism
381 The Literature of Friendship