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English 209 Advanced Creative Writing: Narrative


Topic for Spring 2021: Constructing Fiction

Development of the student's abilities as a writer and reader of narrative, with particular emphasis on the short story. 

Writing Samples Due by October 30th  for the Spring 2021 Semester

If you wish to be considered for admission to this course, please submit a copy of your writing samples electronically in Microsoft Word Doc., not Doc X, to email address no later than 10:00 am, October 30th 2020. Please submit one or two completed stories.  Feel free to use papers you have written for other courses.

ENGLISH 209 is no longer yearlong course but is now being offered as a semester-long course for Fall and Spring semester

David Means
English 209

Constructing Fiction:  In this class you’ll hone your creative skills, reinforcing the basic elements—sustained, authentic voice, point of view, vibrant characters, setting, and plot—necessary to create vivid narrative.  You’ll be free to explore a wide range of styles—from writing prose that “feels” close to memoir/non-fiction, to writing in more traditional short story modes.  Students will be expected to draft stories, participate in a workshop, and revise with care.  We’ll form a cohesive, comfortable, deeply respectful, coherent, useful classroom environment in which we’ll critique new work in a constructive, supportive manner.   Weekly exercise and readings will be assigned.