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Enlish 211 Advanced Creative Writing: Verse

A poetry reading and writing workshop
Jessica Greenbaum

When New York’s famous poet Marianne Moore said poetry should be written in “the plain American that cats and dogs can read,” she had my number! I like knowing what’s going on in a poem and this workshop will largely explore the autobiographical narrative lyric in poetry. We will be focusing on how imagery refreshes the world, how a poem considers the human condition, how those considerations illuminate our own experiences, how poems can be witty and profound simultaneously, how they retrieve memory and make meaning from pathos—and also from delight, complaint, confusion, anger, praise, and the details of the daily round. We’re in it for surprise, and revelation, both as writers and readers.

This two-hour class will be divided between discussing poems I bring in and poems you write, along with other ways of investigating the art.

Apply by October 30th for the Spring 2021! Interested? Send writing samples via attachment to: Alison Mateer.