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Introductory Creative Writing

Introductory creative writing courses have a strong reading component and are by and large taught by working writers and editors. As in every part of our curriculum, there is no orthodoxy among our writing faculty and thus composition students write in a broad range of styles and genres. Our Section Descriptions supplement the college catalogue and describe current composition course offerings and foci (for instance, poetry or experimental writing).  All introductory creative writing courses involve one two-hour period and individual conferences with the instructor.

English 205 Introductory Creative Writing

Study and practice of various forms of prose and poetry. Reading and writing assignments may include prose fiction, journals, poetry, drama, and essays.

English 206 Intermediate Creative Writing

Open to anyone who has completed 205 or an equivalent course. Special permission is not required.

English 207 Intermediate Creative Writing: Literary Nonfiction

Study and practice of literary nonfiction in various formats. Reading and writing assignments may include personal, informal, and lyric essays, travel and nature writing; and memoirs. Frequent short writing assignments.

English 208 Intermediate Creative Writing:  Literary Nonfiction

Development of the student's abilities as a reader and writer of literary nonfiction, with emphasis on longer forms. This course is open to anyone who has completed any of the above writing courses (205, 206, or 207) as well as anyone who has completed one of the more advanced writing sequences in narrative (209-210) or verse writing (211-212).