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Declaring the Major

First things first! Thanks for thinking about declaring as a major in the English Department – a renowned home to scholars, theorists, and writers, and among the most diverse departments on campus. We value what you will bring to us and welcome your contributions and questions.

How to become part of the department

  1. Your first stop should be the English Department Office in SC 131. There, you will speak with the administrative assistant to make an appointment to meet with the associate chair. At that time you can pick up a Major Declaration Form. We ask that you not contact the associate chair directly about making an appointment since we need to coordinate appointments for the many students interested in the major. You should contact the administrative assistant if you cannot meet with the associate chair during scheduled office hours.
  2. Next, as we mentioned above, you should obtain a Major Declaration Form either online here or from the administrative assistant, as well three yellow field-of-concentration cards from the Registrar’s Office in College Center.
  3. Prior to your meeting with the associate chair, you need to complete the Major Declaration Form, specifying the courses you have already taken in the English Department and creating a tentative plan to complete the requirements for the major. The Major Declaration Form explains more about how to go about doing this, but, in short, the requirements are laid out in detail on the worksheet, as well as in the Vassar Course Catalogue.  In order to design your provisional path through the major, you should look through the catalogue descriptions of the courses in the department’s curriculum. For more detail on the courses offered in a given semester, you can consult our Section Descriptions.
    Keep in mind that this plan is not set in stone, but is something you can revise in discussion with your advisor to accommodate your changing interests and goals as well as new curricular developments.
  4. Bring the completed Major Declaration Form and yellow Field of Concentration Cards to your scheduled meeting with the associate chair.
  5. A note on advisors:  The associate chair is responsible for assigning major advisors.  You may request an advisor if there is a particular faculty member with whom you would like to work.  However, we regret that we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to the advisor of your choice since we try to distribute advisees equitably among our faculty.